Rebellious Roots

Sarri Elfaitouri
1 min readJan 29, 2024


There are different kinds of roots.

There are rebellious roots.

Roots like snakes, octopuses, and rivers.

Roots that acknowledge their connection with the soil.

Born through a warm breath of divine dust.

Roots like grounded arteries.

Though soon grew wings and flew to the farthest skies.

There are parasitic roots.

That are sometimes just lonely beings full of passion and intimacy.

They only acknowledge their existence in embracing another tree, another root.

There are roots that grow, or rather dissolve in the love of other roots… They establish their own hybrid tribes, of leaves, stones, dead wood and drops of rain.

There are roots that grow unified in core, with the deepest connection.

But on the dawn of the revolution they kissed, hugged, and said goodbye.

To those trees..

Those that become later the last standing warriors on the burning grounds.

There are colonial roots, but there are also forest fires.

Zionist roots that will one day shrivel and burn into ashes.

There are and will always be rebellious roots..



Rivanna River Trial, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA



Sarri Elfaitouri

Sarri is an architect, conceptual artist, and curator based in Benghazi Libya. He is the founder and CEO of TAJARROD Architecture and Art Foundation